Roof Repair in Haralson and Carroll Counties

Roofing by Kevin King is your trusted local roofing company for repairs

Roofing by Kevin King, founded in 1986, can provide roof repair and storm damage repair. The knowledgeable roof repair team can help handle insurance claims too. Take the hassle out of roof repair with this experienced roof contractor. When your home or business needs roof repair, call (770) 574-5678 for a free estimate.

What To Look for When You Need a Roofing Company

An experienced and reliable roofer can provide timely roof repair for commercial and residential roofing of all types. When you are searching for a good roofing company in or around Tallapoosa, GA, look for these qualities:

  • An accurate estimate including the square foot area
  • An ability to service flat roofs and sloped roofs and numerous roofing materials
  • A current license, bonding, and available warranty

Experienced roofers will be able to provide all of the above information during the free consultation and estimate process. Are you ready to find the right roof repair for your home or commercial business?

Roofing by Kevin King is a licensed roofing contractor in Tallapoosa, GA, and can provide honest, reliable roof repair services for your building. Call (770) 574-5678 to schedule your free estimate today.

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Indicators That You Need Roof Repair

Every roof requires repair at some point, whether after a severe storm or simply after years of service protecting your building. There are quite a few indicators that your roof needs repair. Home and business owners can look for the following common roof repair indicators:

  • Visible dripping inside the building
  • Interior or exterior paint that is peeling or bubbling
  • Visible mold growth
  • Decaying, cracking, and deterioration of wooden materials near the roof
  • Shingle granules falling off of the roof or into the gutters
  • Hanging, cracked, or broken gutters
  • Shingles with curling corners, cupping, warping or other damage
  • Tile and metal roofing with cracks or pitting
  • Roof decking that is sagging
  • Any other visible roof problem

Some indicators are more serious than others and may call for emergency roof repair services. A professional roofer can provide fast and reliable roof repair services, including:

  • Emergency roof tarping to help prevent additional damage
  • Emergency roof repair for roofs in immediate need of repair
  • Storm damage repair with specialized expertise
  • Handling roof repair insurance claims related to repairing commercial and residential roofing repairs.


Roofing by Kevin King can provide all of these essential roof leak repair services in and around Tallapoosa, GA.

Finding the right roofing contractor

Reliable repair and replacement services can take the hassle out of roof maintenance and repair. Save money, time, and frustration with the roofing professionals at Roofing by Kevin King. Our professional team is ready to help restore your roof. If are you searching for storm damage repair for your damaged roof? Need a reliable roofing company with friendly customer service? Contact Roofing by Kevin King in Tallapoosa, GA, by calling (770) 574-5678.

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